Real and authentic gallery picture images

Are the gallery picture images real and authentic?











Real, Authentic and Verified Gallery Picture Images.

Real, Authentic and Verified Gallery Picture Images? YES! This is the most common question we are asked. On our website we eluded to less than honest practitioners in the adult services industry masquerading as elitist model escort companion sites purporting to have THE BESTTHE MOST DESIRABLE MODELS that all appear to have fallen off the lingerie pages of a Cosmopolitan magazine.

In most cases, a cursory glance at the gallery of stunning girlie images would suggest that amazonian models are falling out of trees and are so plentiful and desperate for work that there are enough Aphrodite’s to populate the gallery pages of a dozen or so adult websites. Indeed…but seriously people! A model of that caliber, so desperate for work she would risk exposing her true facial identity like a cheap harbour hooker? We don’t think so.

So why would we at Royale Prive’ Executive GFE be any different from those websites that would plagiarize harvested photo images off glamour porn websites and claim the girls to be the real deal?


Honesty is an Expensive Gift. Don’t Expect it From Cheap People!

Lets begin by setting the record straight! Aside from the generic images such as the one above that appear on our website, ALL the ladies that appear in our Gallery as VIP Model Companions are vetted in a face to face meeting. This to firstly establish they are the real deal and then to assess their suitability in meeting a stringent selection criteria of “Sophisticated, elegant, model looking” which in almost every case precludes mainstream professional escorts from even qualifying for our pages! Almost all our Model Ladies have at least one photo taken holding a local newspaper. This to at least meet a minimum requirement of authenticity that will hopefully shoot the doubting Thomas’ down in a fusillade of transparent honesty!

Then there’s the not so small matter of our site being vetted and coming under careful scrutiny by those forums that carry our advertising banner. They too have to demonstrate a measure of transparency and credibility with true and accurate content that does not negatively impact on their business.

Ultimately the REAL proof is not in the pudding but the eating (to pardon the choice of words). Our guarantee to you is that if you are in any way not entirely satisfied with your selection, we will either arrange another companion or reimburse any and all monies already paid.


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