Models Rates Prices Gratuities
Models Rates Prices & Gratuities

*Rates are typical universal standard model rate card prices starting at R5500 per hour inclusive of services. There are no hidden fees. Additional hours and extended bookings are on a sliding rate scale and have already been discounted. Packages for away travel can be arranged.

1 hour = R 5500

2 hours = R 8500

Thereafter R 2500 an hour

12 hours over night = R 25000

24 hours = R 35000

*A small transport consideration for travel, subject to distance to and from your location may be required and is for your account.

*KINDLY NOTE that where travel time to and from your location exceeds that of a minimum 1 hour booking because distance falls outside of 30km, you may be obliged to consider a minimum 2 hour booking to make the ladies’ travel worth her while.

*Discounted rates within reasonable parameters to suit your pocket can be negotiated for bookings over an extended period of days where travel and accommodation costs are a consideration.


Cash is always the prefered means of payment for purposes of transparency between all parties. Payment can be paid directly to the lady BEFORE your booking commences.


We do accept payment in major foreign currency – US Dollars, Euro’s or Pound Sterling only PROVIDED that this method of payment is pre-arranged in advance. We will give you a rate of exchange and conversion that factors in the bank BUY rate together with bank commissions and charges. This because the BUY rate that the bank is BUYING foreign exchange is markedly different to market rate indices.


Where cash is always prefered we understand that it is not always practical nor safe to be carrying large amounts of money. PROVIDED this means of transaction is pre-arranged in advance, we have no objection to this method of payment. HOWEVER, payment has to be an IMMEDIATE AND INSTANT TRANSFER with the funds appearing in our account before the booking commences.

Please be advised that the EFT Instant / Immediate transfer facility of funds from one banking institution to another is bank dependant and may not be possible if you are banking offshore. Furthermore, the EFT Instant / Immediate transfer of funds may also not be possible if you are transferring funds from a merchant bank to a commercial bank.

No reference to Escorts, Companions or Royale Prive will appear on your bank statement list of transactions.