Racism? Taste and Preference!

Racism or Personal Preference.











Taste and preference is an individual choice. The notion coming from certain corners and a school of thinking that any woman, regardless of race, would have to prove she is not racist by indiscriminately having a sexual experience across the colour line is dismissed by the writer with the contempt and disdain it deserves! For any self respecting woman, especially our Model Companions who without exception will NOT see African gentlemen AS A MATTER OF PERSONAL TASTE AND PREFERENCE, to be subjected to finger pointing, judgmental accusations of racial prejudice is in itself a dim extremely narrow minded narrative from a few cretins hopelessly out of touch with reality.

Even if for the sake of argument her personal choice was based purely on improper racial selection, then she still has the full blessing of constitutional law since she hasn’t violated anyones civil liberties, human rights or dignity. Its called FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION and the right of the individual to associate with whoever She chooses PROVIDED THAT said individual does NOT impair the dignity and self respect of another through hate speech or racist discourse.

So you still think its racist? When is last time you heard of a white boy making advances on a black girl in a township ghetto tavern? Did he survive with his testicles intact? Exactly, we rest our case, don’t waste our time!

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