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Escort VIP Models in Sandton, Johannesburg, Cape-Town and Durban, South Africa.

Royale Prive’ is offering escort job vacancies and job opportunities to work part time for very specific young ladies looking to join our merry gaggle of girls. At the rates we are asking on behalf of our model escorts, we expect an above average looking girl that looks a million dollars! We are talking more or less a perfect 10 with a second look wow factor if you catch our drift. Drugs, substance and alcohol abuse is a non starter! If you have a substance abuse problem, do NOT contact us!!

Jobs Criteria.

Objectively speaking, do you think you have above average looks? Are you young, sexy and gorgeous dressed as well as undressed with stunning full breasts? We mean full and firm breasts regardless of size but definitely not tea bags hanging off your chest. Implants and enhanced breast augmentation are acceptable and OK. Are you between the ages of 18 and 30? We are not crazy about tattoos and body art but if its minimal we will consider you. No averse bad scarring or really bad stretch marks please.

Sorry but our target market does not cater for plus size, above average weight women. Our target market also does not cater for ‘mature” women over the age of 30.

Safety and Payment.

What you can expect from us is a sober, very friendly and informal environment that is safe, respectful and non judgmental. We will further protect your anonymity and right to privacy with prejudice in order to protect your true identity – not negotiable!! Payment to you is immediate and no waiting period – instant cash!

How It Works.

You work for yourself and in your own time and we do not take ownership of your personal life. We purely and only monitor your safety and manage your bookings for a small percentage of your gratuity. You decide when you are available and if you want to be available. We will never badger, intimidate nor bully you into any situation you do not want or that makes you uncomfortable. You reserve the right to decline bookings without having to give reasons and your decisions are respected at all times. This is not just about us, its about YOU and how we can work together. Any agency that tells you otherwise and imposes fines or levies for whatever reason, does NOT have your best interests at heart.

This is not a career choice. This is purely a means to an end and if other agency bosses say otherwise, you’re being duped! Our commissions are reasonable and less than what you would be charged elsewhere. Payment is made immediately after the booking and for obvious reasons never in advance. Where deposits are paid, the payment percentage is also paid to you.

We do not ever disclose and compromise your anonymity by revealing your true name and contact details. Essentially you work under a pseudonym and your contact details are known only to us.

What To Do.

So you have read this preamble and are satisfied you have what it takes to make the cut as one of our VIP Model Escort Companions. Contact us by email and include the following information.

Your name, age, contact details and where you reside. It doesn’t have to be a specific address. City and suburb is just fine.

A few pictures of yourself. Face, medium length body and full length body. Bikini swimsuit, lingerie or tasteful nudity preferred. Pictures are assessed for suitability and then deleted. Face and body pictures can be sent separately and need not be together in the same picture.


If we think you are suitable we will revert back to you and arrange a suitable convenient time for an interview.