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in Royale Prive!

Many thanks for your interest. If for whatever reason we are unable to attend to your call immediately, kindly whatsapp, sms or message us using the Contact Form provided and we will revert back to you as a matter of urgency.

All your information and personal details are treated with the utmost confidentiality and never stored. We respect the privacy issues and will never place you in a compromising situation with unsolicited contact unless explicitly invited and told otherwise. Your privacy as well as that of our fine ladies is important to us and not negotiable and will be guarded with extreme prejudice if necessary!

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Whatsapp message or call:

Tony or Katrina 079 308 8367 (Local dialing)

Katrina  +27 79 308 8367  (International dialing) 


Should you call us from a private number we will respect your privacy and just won’t answer. Kindly show due courtesy by not withholding  your number. 

PLEASE pay careful attention to the information posted in About Us as well as Rates (See menu top of page / drop down menu top right corner on mobile devices).


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