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                  Vacancies, Part-Time Work, Job Opportunities, Employment.   As a financial stop gap solution with instant and immediate cash rewards in the short to medium term. Improve your lifestyle with plenty of opportunity to travel locally and internationally meeting influential and wealthy businessmen. Ideally suited to students…

Racism or Personal Preference?

RACISM?                     Taste and preference is an individual choice. The notion coming from certain corners and a school of thinking that any woman, regardless of race, would have to prove she is not racist by indiscriminately having a sexual experience across the colour line is dismissed by…

Our Rates Explained.

RATE CARD EXPLAINED                   Rates are the same as the standard model rate card prices you would be paying if you hired a professional model. Rates start at R5500 an hour. Yes, our rates are expensive but our ladies are premium quality looking “A division models” too and…

Real Gallery Pic’s?

REAL PICTURES?                     Real, Authentic and Verified Gallery Picture Images. Real, Authentic and Verified Gallery Picture Images? YES! This is the most common question we are asked. On our website we eluded to less than honest practitioners in the adult services industry masquerading as elitist model…

VIP Model Companions

                VIP MODEL COMPANIONS EXPLAINED. VIP Model Companions? What are they and how do they differ from mainstream escorts. Is she an adulteress, a toy or a mistress (mistress as in between a mister and a mattress)? What sets her apart from the girl you pick up at…

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